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Process Overview
Designing and Ordering

You can have your perfect closet from Closets To Go through a number of ways.

You can create your own custom closet system using our online closet design software. The online closet designer runs in most popular browsers with the Flash plugin.

If you have special needs or find our online closet design software does not work for you, we provide a complimentary Email Design Service.


Using the online designer is easy. In the center of the screen is the work area where you view your custom closet as you build it. Along the left side are the building blocks (shelves, closet drawers, hangars), and along the bottom are options and closet accessories.

When you are satisfied, you can save your custom closet design so our expert in-house designer can review it, or click the "Step 4: Purchase System" button to buy your new closet system.


One of our friendly in-house closet design staff can walk you through the process, or whip up closet designs for you to choose from. If the online closet design software can't handle it, they can.

Chat with an in-house closet designer over the phone or online with our LivePerson chat software. Our closet design process is built to be easy, but if you run into trouble any step of the way we can help.

Customizing to Order

We use Panolam products as the foundation of our custom closets. Sturdy, durable, and attractive materials allow us to create closet organizers that last and form good-looking units to put on your walls in any room of the house. We let you choose any color and style from Panolam's full catalog (note that surfaces we do not have in stock can delay your order as we acquire the materials); this allows for complete customization of the look of your custom closet, in addition to the unique closet design opportunities.


We handle each custom closet order individually. Based on the closet design you select, we cut and edge each piece with our precision equipment. Our closet building process is modern and efficient, and our closet design team takes great care to remain true to your custom closet design and build a great closet organizer to be proud of.


Instead of putting everything through the exact same cookie-cutter process, our custom closet teams have adapted sensibly. Smaller panels require smaller machines, and each piece of your new closet organizer is cut and handled with care and precision. Working closely together our custom closet teams can customize and assemble your next closet organizer in 48 hours. So give us your most challenging closet design, we'll rise to the occasion.


At Closets To Go we work to create not only custom closets that look and work great to help you get organized, but are also easy to set up. That's why our assembly process starts before we even ship your closet system, instead of just packing all of the loose parts in a few boxes and sending them off. Our custom closets staff takes great pride in their work, assembling components of your order by hand and with care. When the name of the game is custom closets, we would expect individual attention and treatment, and that's exactly what we deliver for each order we receive.


We do most of the assembly for you, so all you have to deal with is closet installation. You can read more information about closet installation, or if you truly want us to do all of the work you can contact us and find out about our full service options. We do maintain that our closet installation steps are easy enough for just about anyone to handle, and over the years we've simplified them quite a bit by making sure many parts of your custom closet get assembled by our staff, prior to shipping. Opening the box you should find only a couple hours are necessary to complete the process and enjoy your new closet organizer.


All Closets To Go packages are carefully packed and sealed by hand prior to shipping. We make sure nothing can harm your new closet organizer while it makes its way to your home. Depending on the size and features of your closet design, you can expect to receive several packages. Our closet system experts pack components with other components of similar size, to prevent loose parts that move around during shipping and cause damage.


Trucks are pulling up to our cargo bays daily to pick up new custom closets. We are busy ensuring your packages are loaded correctly for safe shipping so your closet organizer arrives safely. Each closet design we build usually involves multiple packages, and we constantly challenge ourselves to get everything for your custom closet out the door safely and as quickly as possible, so you can begin enjoying the relaxation that comes from a more organized household.


Company trucks are not the only vehicles that pull up to our doors. You can pick up your closet organizer yourself if you wish. We will gladly help you load it into your own vehicle. We like to give our custom closets customers options, whether it's shipping versus self pickup, or self installation versus our full service closet installation (contact us for details). We're flexible and want to ensure that you are getting the best service we can offer, to make your closet organization project successful and fun.

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